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Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Easy to use expense management system that leaves your staff to focus on their jobs
while allowing them to submit claims from anywhere and at any time.

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Reduce costs and increase transparency when you switch to the bookkeeping system that helps your people do more.

Expense Management System

When your expense management system matches the way your people work, doing business gets easier, happens faster and costs less. There are no bottlenecks that stop things moving. No delays caused by distance from the office or an authorising manager. No confusion over payment limits and reimbursement times.

Discover the easy to use expense management system that frees your people to act faster, wherever they are.

Expense management from Just Payroll Services:

Submit claims anytime, anywhere – Submit claims by mobile app (Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry) – perfect for a sales team that’s always on the road.

Instant notification of manager approval – Removes authorisation bottlenecks and makes remote working easier.

Speed at every stage – Configure the system in just 24 hours. Pre-authorise travel expenses. Reimburse employee expenses faster. Real time monitoring helps you spot and tackle issues before they become problems.

Reinforces your policies – So everyone knows and works within the limits you set.

Designed around the way you work – Client/project recharging. VAT and P11D functionality. Improved mileage accuracy and a scalable system designed to adapt and grow with you.

With comprehensive ongoing support to help you get the most from your system, talk to Just Payroll Services about the managed payroll service tailored to your business.


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