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Customer Charter

Your payroll needs may evolve and change over time. That why, every 6 months, our team managers will review your service with you. It’s how we make sure we’re doing all you need of us. It’s how we stay in touch with the people and the businesses behind the numbers.

Our clients tell us it’s something they really appreciate. Because no matter how good your payroll experience, we know we can always do something to make it just that bit better.

Here’s what else you can expect from Just Payroll Services:

  1. Only process your payroll in the UK – guaranteed
  2. Provide the same, named member of our team to run your payroll every month, validate the data we receive from you, and build a working relationship that makes processing your payroll easier
  3. Provide the right, fully-managed, outsourced service for you. We’ll meet all your statutory requirements – so you don’t need any in-house payroll knowledge
  4. Provide a mutually-agreed processing calendar each year so you know exactly when your payroll will be processed
  5. Respond to your telephone or email queries quickly
  6. Make sure all your employees are paid on time, every time

What to do next:

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