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Is keeping your payroll in-house costing you money? Here’s 5 ways outsourcing can make life easier (and cheaper) for every holiday park, theme park, tourist attraction and travel company.

  1. Recover from coronavirus

At time of writing, the UK is tentatively leaving lockdown and the tourism sector is opening up again following the pandemic. Things have never been tougher for the industry and it’s clear we’re not out of the woods yet.

As furlough arrangements begin to wind down, every travel and tourism business will want to be as lean as possible and keep in-house resource where it can be most efficient.  Outsourcing payroll can help you to do that, and dramatically cut the cost of ensuring your people are paid.

And in a volatile time when the rules by which you operate could change at any minute, outsourcing payroll hands the responsibility for keeping up with changing payroll legislation to someone else, so you can keep the focus on the business.

Find out how much outsourcing payroll could save you.

  1. Manage staff turnover

Every industry needs a degree of staff turnover. It’s what keeps things fresh and ensures new ideas get a chance to flourish. According to jobsite Monster, 15% is optimal. If you run a holiday park or theme park, you won’t need us to tell you that staff churn can often be double that.

For an in-house payroll team, that means endless onboarding, setting up new members of the team on payroll whilst removing leavers at the other end. It’s a time consuming business, complicated still further by a wide range of contract types – from zero hours to casuals, part-time to permanent. Outsourcing payroll doesn’t just delegate the time and cost to someone else – it delegates the complexity and stress too.

  1. Seasonal flexibility

For every tourism business thinking of outsourcing payroll, the big obstacle can be the seasonal nature of the work. Outsourcing when you have a staff of hundreds at the height of summer can seem extremely attractive. But you won’t want to pay the same amount all year when you spend winter ticking over with just a few dozen permanent staff.

What you need is a payroll provider with the flexibility to respond to those fluctuating levels. Outsource to Just Payroll, and as your staff numbers rise and fall, we’ll scale up and then scale back your package, so your payroll costs follow the same pattern as your business year.

  1. Simplify payroll cycles

It’s common for independent tourism businesses that operate from multiple sites to run several different payroll cycles, one at each location. That can make an already difficult job even tougher for in-house teams. Outsourcing could give you the chance to simplify and rationalise payrolls across the business, improving efficiency and lowering costs. But even if you’re committed to keeping the existing structure, outsourcing gives someone else the headache of managing it.

  1. Business continuity

In our experience, every small to medium sized holiday park, fun fair and tour operator relies on someone in the office with decades of experience to keep the payroll running. But when that person isn’t there, things can quickly fall apart.

Outsourcing payroll ensures that there’s always an expert in place – so your people always get paid.

How could outsourcing payroll benefit your tourism business? To find out, talk to us now.