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Payroll Bureau Software

Payroll Bureau Software You and Your Clients Can Trust

Replace your outdated, manual processes with our payroll software for bureaus. Built especially for bureaus like yours for more accuracy for your clients, and more efficiency for your bureau. 

Effortlessly manage all client payrolls in one place

Our payroll bureau software is purpose-built for bureaus in the UK. Developed in-house and used by our own team of payrollers, you can trust you’re investing in the best, futureproof solution for your bureau. 

Capture payroll data in real time

Give your clients access to your cloud-based payroll portal to enter their data, reducing the need for spreadsheets and giving them instant access to their data and indicative costs. 

Increase your processing capacity

Teams using our payroll bureau software see an average increase of 108% on their processing capacity per payroller, thanks to intelligent automation and total efficiency. 

Run more accurate payroll

Our payroll software for bureaus has reduced error rates for user by up to 60%, empowering your teams to create better experiences for your clients. 

Give your teams access to the right data

Create teams and assign users to the relevant data with advanced access control features. Everyone gets full visibility of the data they need, and nothing more. 

“The software is just so usable, you build the system so the data is in the way which you want it. Anything in the system is reportable and you can design the reports yourself. There really is nothing like it on the market!” 

St Chad’s Academies Trust

Payroll bureau software that standardises your data collection

Never struggle with managing multiple non-standard spreadsheets across your client base again. Easily collect and consolidate all data in one place, ensuring uniformity across all your clients. Empower your clients to enter their payroll data into their cloud-based portal in real-time. In their portal, your clients can: 

  • Input their payroll data 
  • Run their own automated calculations 
  • See instant variations in pay 
  • Import and update employee data 
  • Access over 60 key reports 
  • Message your bureau 
  • Securely share documents 
  • Access an overview of their pay cycle at any point in time
payroll bureau software
payroll bureau software

Payroll bureau software brochure

Effortlessly manage all your payrolls in one place with the payroll bureau software built for boosting collaboration between you and your clients.

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payroll bureau software

Manage multiple client payrolls in just a few clicks

Whether you’re handling organisations small or large, our payroll bureau software is flexible and scalable. From how your collect your client’s data to how you share reports, you’ll remove the day-to-day complexities of managing multiple client payrolls.

  • Instantly generate and distribute reports
  • Never worry about implementing legislation updates
  • Maintain total control over data visibility
  • Always keep your data fully secure
  • Access instant, real-time insights
  • Automate your payroll processes
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems 

Fully secure, accredited, and compliant payroll bureau software

Additional services alongside your payroll bureau software

We’re not just specialists in payroll software for bureaus—we can offer a suite of outsourcing solutions for your UK and global operations. Whether you’re a UK-only business or you’re looking to centralise your global payroll operations, Just Payroll’s services are managed by our UK-based, English-speaking team, providing you with expert solutions in 130+ countries. 

Automatic Enrolment

Our team can manage your employer duties and auto-enrolment quality standards, saving you time and avoiding penalties. 

Global payroll outsourcing

We offer an international payroll service that provides total compliance across borders from a single point of contact. 

International HR

A full suite of international HR services that help you to manage the entire employee lifecycle around the globe with total compliance. 

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