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Implementation Process

The confidence to switch your payroll service provider comes not from hoping or believing everything will work perfectly, but from knowing it will. We’ll ensure your implementation is seamless, simple and successful.


Here’s how:

  • A Just Payroll Services Implementation Project Manager is assigned to you
  • The Project Manager discusses your requirements, finding out about your current payroll systems and your business
  • We plan the transfer of data incorporating all your requirements
  • We create an implementation timetable which you review and, when completely satisfied, agree
  • Implementation work begins. We keep you updated with progress at every stage
  • First live pay run. We’ll arrange a parallel run with your existing system to guarantee success
  • The Project Manager conducts a full reconciliation to ensure the first live pay run is correct


With implementation complete you’ll receive the same care and dedication on every payroll run, ensuring each is as accurate as the last.


What to do next: