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Does your existing clocking-in system make you more profitable? 

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Cut costs with Just Payroll’s time and attendance system

Installing a time and attendance system with Just Payroll Services can increase profitability.

It helps you schedule items more successfully, cost projects more effectively and track absenteeism and punctuality before they have a chance to become a problem.

Whether your people are all in one place, or never in the same place from one minute to the next, we will help you manage their working hours better.

Time & Attendance from Just Payroll Services:

Track every member of your team: in house and remote
Clock in and out of work, tasks, appointments and projects at the desk or on the move using PDAs or smartphones, with optional GPS to track the precise location at clocking times.

Simplify scheduling and costing
Plan more effectively with personalised scheduling that includes your organisation’s working patterns, holidays and flexi-time arrangements. Use real time tracking to make costing easier and more accurate.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality
Spot and address issues before they become ingrained problems with absence trend reporting and costing.

Stay within the law
Fully compliant with workplace legislation, and ensures the times that your employees log meet Working Time Directives/Regulations.

Transparent Time and Attendance System
Employee and employer can view attendance information.

A simpler, quicker back office through integration
Integrate time and attendance information with your HR and payroll systems, and remove duplication of work.

With comprehensive ongoing support to help you get the most from your system, talk to Just Payroll Services about the time and attendance service tailored to your business.

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