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If you employ staff, you’re required by law to enrol them in a pension scheme. You can find out which staff qualify for ‘auto-enrolment’, review qualifying pension schemes and check your ‘staging date’ (ie the date your scheme must start) on the official site of The Pensions Regulator.

Once you’ve made a decision as to which is the right pension scheme for you, it will need managing as a regular part of your payroll services. Here’s how we’ll help your auto-enrolment experience keep running smoothly:

Simple pension scheme system set up

Default statutory minimums in our payroll software ensure you always pay the right contribution for your qualifying pension, and we’ll work with you to flag every pensionable component of your employees’ earnings, so nothing gets missed.

Every vital piece of employee pension information

From individual employee deferral dates and staging dates to opt-outs and opt-ins, every piece of pension-related data will be securely stored. So when you need a report on, for example, which of your staff qualify for auto-enrolment, or who has opted out, you’ll have all the information you need.

Accurate pension payment processing

As you would expect from Just Payroll Services, every payrun will incorporate accurate calculations for your pension scheme contributions, and adjust payslips accordingly.

Comprehensive pension reporting

Auto-enrolment elements of your managed payroll service will be as transparent as any other. You can view and print a wide range of pension-related reports, and export data as required.

Make the switch – outsource your pension scheme

Our dedicated Implementation Team helps companies switch to Just Payroll Services every day. We would love to help you.

To discuss your business’ needs, please contact us.