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How does the process of switching your payroll services supplier work, and how can you be sure everything will proceed without a hitch? With Just Payroll Services, change is easy.

It can feel like a big step, switching to an outsourced payroll services supplier for the first time (or switching from an existing third party provider). At Just Payroll Services, we aim to make that switch as simple and painless as possible.

Business as usual, only better

That’s our aim when you switch to us. You’ll notice a difference in time saved, errors cut, hassle reduced – but everything that usually runs like clockwork still should.

That’s why our first step is always to understand what your organisation really needs from its payroll service. We’ll explore everything you’re currently doing each month, from basic wages and overtime to pension payments and expenses, and work out what processes you want to retain, and what we can simplify and streamline.

What about our existing supplier?

We’ll take extra care to make sure that every service your current provider delivers is accounted for, and that all the things that are making you feel the need to switch are put right.

How do we know the switch will be hitch-free?

We don’t let anything fall between the cracks when you switch your payroll services to us. That’s why we’ll run our system parallel with your old one for an initial period, to ensure every last i is dotted and every decimal point is carried over.

How do we tell our old payroll provider we’re moving?

We’ll agree a formal switchover date with you, then help you manage the process, including communications with your existing provider, to ensure the change is hassle-free.

When is the best time to switch our payroll services?

It really doesn’t matter. There’s no benefit to waiting until the end of a tax year, so whenever you decide to change, we’ll make sure it happens quickly and efficiently.

Make the switch

Our dedicated Implementation Team helps companies switch to Just Payroll Services every day. We would love to help you.

To discuss your business’ needs, please contact us.